KWV Classic Pinotage

This rich and flavourful
Pinotage shows true varietal
characteristics with aromas
of blackcurrant, vanilla, plums
and wild berries. The sweet,
juicy tannins carry hints
of spices on the palate.
Seductively soft and beguiling,
it rewards every sip with a
lingering and gentle finish.



Western Cape, South Africa

100% Pinotage

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Back Story & Wine Information

KWV is recognized across the globe for its pioneering efforts in the world of wine, and its award-winning brands. Our range of brands include Roodeberg, The Mentors, KWV Brandy, Laborie, Cathedral Cellar, Classic Collection, Cruxland, Imagin, Wild Africa Cream and so much more spirits & wine. Our brands can be purchased on our online shop or at the KWV Emporium in Paarl and in addition to this, visitors can also enjoy our famous destination experiences. These not to be missed experiences include House of Fire, Cathedral Cellar and KWV Emporium for tastings and pairings.

Fillet, beef or risotto dishes are ideal culinary partners to this wine although it is just as fine when savoured by itself.

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