Fleur Du Cap Chenin Blanc

For our Essence du Cap range, we follow a best-of-all-worlds approach where we carefully identify and separate blocks that offer different characteristics to a blend. Our winemakers create building blocks during harvest time by using the finest grapes from different vineyard blocks on different farms, using more than one type of yeast or oak barrel. This allows our passionate team to sit down after harvest time and literally “build” an exceptional wine through careful blending and tasting.



Western Cape, South Africa

100% Chenin Blanc

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The wine is brilliantly clear with specs of green. The nose is fresh with aromas of tropical fruit opening up into lime notes with a touch of oak spice. The initial tropical aromas follow through on the pallet with hints of citrus complimented with a dash of butterscotch from the time spent on wood. It has a lingering, crisp finish and is definitely an extremely food friendly wine.

Back Story & Wine Information

Fleur du Cap (French for “Flower of the Cape”) is greatly inspired by the Cape Floral Kingdom – a wildflower region famed for its natural beauty and rich biodiversity – with each species blossoming in the specific soil and climate best suited to their needs. It is this Cape Floral Kingdom that has greatly inspired our wines to not be defined by a single place or vineyard. Our philosophy is based around the freedom to explore – to find our grapes where they grow best, rather than be constrained by district, farm, climate or even vineyard. Our winemakers have access to the widest geography of vineyards in South Africa. This unrestricted journey across the Cape Winelands is what allows them to craft highly-lauded wines which exemplify regional excellence.

This wine works wonders with seafood such as shellfish, crayfish, oysters and mussels. It is a good choice with Thai and light chicken dishes as well as a mild bobotie. Serve chilled, but not ice cold.

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