Truter Cape Fern Sauvignon Blanc

This is a vibrant charming wine with soft tropical flavours, a good body, and an appetizing, crisp, sustained finish. A finely structured wine.



Darling, South Africa

100% Sauvignon Blanc

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Back Story & Wine Information

Our wine affair starts with the story of us, as early as our grade eight years when we met. I always knew that I’d marry Hugo, he realized this later during our first year in Stellenbosch where we studied to become winemakers, ironically, this is also the place where we were romanced by the fruit of the vine.To say that we knew what we were getting involved in at the time will be a bit of a long shot, but everything and with that I mean EVERYTHING about wine gives us pleasure, of course, some more than others.

Pair with fresh Atlantic Ocean Galjoen or Cape Malay Paella.

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