Durbanville Hills Pinotage

The Durbanville ward is considered one of the Cape’s coolest wine regions, thanks to the sea breezes that drift inland from False Bay and Table Bay and the late afternoon mists that bathe the slopes. These conditions are ideal for the slow ripening of the grapes, allowing them to develop their full flavoured and intense character. Grapes are sourced only from the shareholder growers, all of whom farm within the limited appellation of Durbanville. Meticulous canopy management promotes concentration of varietal flavour and colour.



Durbanville, South Africa

100% Pinotage

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Prominent aromas of ripe red plums, dark cherries, and mulberries with subtle hints of oriental spice and juniper berries adding to the fuller dark fruit bouquet. A medium-bodied wine with succulent strawberry flavours laced with hints of dark, ripe cherries and oriental spice. A wellbalanced wine with an elegant, smooth tannin structure.

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Made from healthy grapes from member farms, these wines have the balanced, flavourful finesse that comes from our winemakers’ great selection and blending to bring you fresh, enticing tastes that suit contemporary palates.

Serve with plainly grilled steak, leg of lamb with rosemary or thyme roast turkey steak as well as kidney pie and Matured Gouda/Gruyère

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