Alvi’s Drift Signature Pinotage

A cellar specialty since it was first bottled in 2006, Alvi’s Drift Pinotage has an intense black cherry colour with a youthful ruby rim. A juicy plum-and-ripe-black-cherry character dominates both bouquet and palate, with hints of liquorice and sweet vanilla. The wine boasts a seamless tannin structure; well balanced with subtle hints of berries and vanilla following through. It can be enjoyed immediately, but will reward with up to three years of cellar maturation.



Worchester, South Africa


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This youthful wine, with its medium-to-deep ruby colour and slight purple hue exudes vibrant and pronounced fruit aromas, offering a medley of mulberry, cherry, and raspberry, complemented by hints of plum and violet. With its moderate tannins, this well-structured wine strikes a pleasing balance between fruitiness and acidity on the palate. The wine’s flavours mirror its enticing aromas, emphasising the delectable presence of fresh, red fruit. With an elegant mouthfeel, it is smooth, easy to enjoy, and gentle on the palate. Expect a pleasant, fruit-filled aftertaste that lingers, inviting you to

Back Story & Wine Information

With an ideal Mediterranean microclimate, an abundance of soil diversity and water from the life-giving Breede River, the Alvi’s Drift vineyards are ideally positioned for producing remarkable wines of unique character and complexity. Our vineyards are sustainably fertilised with natural compost produced on our farm, and meticulously managed to ensure optimal quality and flavour. Come harvest time, our grapes are selectively hand harvested in the cool, early morning hours to ensure only the healthiest, perfectly ripe bunches are used for production.

This wine pairs well with a variety of dishes, but due to its fruity nature, it particularly complements grilled sausages, roasted vegetables, Alfredo pasta, or a gourmet ham-and-cheese sandwich. Serve between 12 and 14 ˚C.

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