Durbanville Hills Merlot

The unique character of this wine lies in the influence of the different vineyards from which the grapes were sourced. The grapes were selected from various low yield vineyards, established between 1985 and 1990 and planted in deep, dark red soils at around 250 m above sea level. All the vines were grafted on Phylloxera resistant rootstocks and trellised on different trellising systems. Pest and disease control was implemented according to South African IPW standards.



Durbanville, South Africa

100% Merlot

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Combination of spicy nutmeg and sweet dark chocolate aromas with prominent dark cherry and rich plum characteristics. A medium bodied well rounded wine with prunes, plums, spicy nutmeg, juicy dark cherries and soft cherries with undertones of ripe raspberries lingering on the palate.

Back Story & Wine Information

Made from healthy grapes from member farms, these wines have the balanced, flavourful finesse that comes from our winemakers’ great selection and blending to bring you fresh, enticing tastes that suit contemporary palates.

Serve with plainly grilled steak, leg of lamb with rosemary or thyme roast turkey steak as well as kidney pie and Matured Gouda/Gruyère

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