Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc

The grapes were sourced from seven of the nine Durbanville Hills member farms where three farms have high altitude vineyards growing on the south-eastern slopes of the Hooge Bergs Valley. Cooled by mists and the southeaster, the lower than average temperatures make for slow ripening and intense flavour retention. Some grapes from low-lying, south- western facing vineyards on Maastricht, Bloemendal, Klein Roosboom and Oatlands were used to enhance the full-bodied character. The winter preceding the 2017 vintage was cold and wet followed by moderate and dry weather in November, December and January. The crucial flavour-producing ripening period for Sauvignon blanc grapes in February was much cooler than normal, resulting in high levels of crisp grassy and peppery flavours and the healthy grapes to ripened later than normal. The Sauvignon blanc varietal character of the grapes, especially from the higher slopes, was very strong producing wine with an abundance of tropical fruit characteristics. Some warmer spells ensured fuller blending components with lower acidity to produce a most enjoyable wine.



Durbanville, South Africa

100% Sauvignon Blanc

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Pronounced bursts of lemon grass, passion fruit and blackcurrent with soft undertones of winter melon and guava. Tantalizing zesty lime and lermon rind characters complimented byfresh notes of guava, cape gooseberry and passionfruit Well rounded and medium bodied Sauvignon Blanc with a crisp lively acidity.

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Made from healthy grapes from member farms, these wines have the balanced, flavourful finesse that comes from our winemakers’ great selection and blending to bring you fresh, enticing tastes that suit contemporary palates.

Enjoy on its own, slightly chilled, or served with grilled fish, tomato-based soup, green salad or a selection of cheeses.

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