Graca White

Winemaker Deon Boshoff describes it as lively-coloured with flashes of green, a touch of asparagus on the nose and crisp, lemony, off dry flavours. Its petillance gives it a palate-tingling lift.



Western Cape, South Africa

50% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Semillion, 20% Colombar

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Back Story & Wine Information

Graça is the best-selling white corked wine in South Africa, constantly selling more than 2 million litres per annum since 1990. Graça is a wine with a difference – in both taste and personality. It is widely known as the seafood wine. Graça is a friendly, exuberant wine. It has warmth, charm, a “cheeky” personality and a continental image. The blend appeals to both occasional and knowledgeable drinkers. The brand suits a fun-loving, outgoing lifestyle. Graça is packaged in a most unusual bottle and label reminiscent of imported wines. The packaging has an upmarket presence with a difference. Graça was first launched in 1983, followed by a Rose extension in 1999.

It ensures its enjoyment with a range of foods from pizzas and pastas to fish, shellfish, poultry and cream-based dishes and cheeses.

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