1659 Sauvignon Blanc

Refreshing and easy drinking, this style of Sauvignon Blanc is fruity and fabulous.



Western Cape, South Africa

100% Sauvignon Blanc

More Information - 1659 Sauvignon Blanc

Nose: Ripe aromas of tropical fruit, with subtle hints of lime.Palate: An easy-drinking wine, made to be truly enjoyed. The wine is fresh and lively on the palate, with a zesty and lingering aftertaste.

Back Story & Wine Information

The 1659 Wine Collection celebrates the winemaking tradition of the Cape Winelands with a range of quality easy-drinking wines at very good value for money. All the wines offer sumptuous sunshine-derived fruit with well-balanced layers and delicious juiciness on the palate.

Pairs well with shellfish. Perfect with your favourite Sushi. Enjoy with a fresh Green Salad. Best enjoyed on a warm sunny day lounging outside on the varanda with your favourite book!

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